DMH Music showcases songs written by Diann and Mitch Hammer. Our main focus centers around creating relatable songs that have been shaped by our life experiences and observations.

About Us

Diann and Mitch Hammer are a songwriting team who found a new passion in creating songs later in life. They actively pitch their songs to publishers in Nashville which have been well received. They have numerous songwriting awards, including the 2016 Grand prize Winner-Session II John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the Country category. Recently, Diann has had several indie artist cuts from her catalog.

Diann Hammer

Diann spent a lifetime doing everything but music, from waiting tables to earning a law degree while raising a family and building several businesses with her husband.

In 2008 she wrote her first song lyrics for fun and tucked them away for several years while her busy life pulled her in other directions.

In late 2014 she joined Global Songwriters Connection to learn and grow as a songwriter. She began writing lyrics in the Country Pop Music genre and quickly added the Pop Music genre. Today she writes both lyrics and melody and is working on learning the elements of music production.

She has been fortunate to team up with top writers such as Victoria Banks, Brian White, Kessy Timmer, Steve Dean, and Emily Haber—as well as artist/songwriters such as Clayton Jones, Jeffrey East, Lo Lind, Carrie Cunningham, AJ Raggs, and many others—as she continues to build a diverse catalog.

Diann resides in the Washington D.C. Metro area in Maryland and travels to Nashville to connect with her cowriters and attend many of Nashville’s opportunities.

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Mitch Hammer

Mitch has taken the road-less-traveled to become a songwriter. While surrounded by music all his life as his father was a band singer for many years, Mitch never pursued it. Instead, he went on to complete several degrees and accumulated a wide range of life experiences as a university professor as well as an author of numerous published books and articles. He worked as an intercultural relations consultant, a hostage negotiator, and an advisor to international kidnappings—as well as raising a family and starting several small businesses with his spouse.

In 2014 he dusted off some lyrics he had written earlier and joined Global Songwriters Connection to learn more about songwriting. He began writing in the Country Pop genre and has continued to grow as a songwriter by attending numerous songwriting events in Nashville.

He has been fortunate to work with top writers, such as Victoria Banks, Brian White, Kessy Timmer, Steve Dean, and also artist/songwriters such as Clayton Jones, Jeffery East, and Lo Lind.

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