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Behind the Song

"All I Know"

[Diann’s Take] I attended my second Global Songwriters Connection (GSC) Focus  Event in August 2017.  This time around we had the good fortune to have Jeffrey East as one of the pro writers we would have an opportunity to work with.  Jeffrey East is a prolific writer in any genre, who has had songs recorded by artists like Dierks Bentley, Sister Hazel, The Farm, RaineyQualley, Chuck Wicks, Dailey & Vincent, The Grascals, Allan Hall, Point Of Grace, and many more. Peermusic signed Jeffrey East to their writer roster in 2015.

“All I Know’ started out with a different title but as we dug into our ideas this is the song that emerged. At the end I think we were all surprised and delighted by the outcome of our collaboration. Thanks to Jeffrey East and my peer writer, Michael Rhodes for creating such a beautiful song with me.

"Bottle Or The Bible"

[Diann’s Take] My second GSC Focus Event in August 2017 did not disappoint. Pro writer, Victoria Banks generously gave her time to offer her coaching and expertise. Now a staff songwriter at Nashville’s RareSpark Media Group, Victoria has penned ASCAP, SOCAN, CCMA and Covenant-award-winning songs for over 50 artists. Notable cuts include Jessica Simpson’s Billboard record-breaking single “Come on Over”, Sara Evans’ hit “Saints & Angels” & duet “Can’t Stop Loving You” (with Isaac Slade of the band The Fray) and Johnny Reid’s smash “Dance With Me,” for which Victoria was named 2010 CCMA Songwriter of the Year. What an honor to have written this song with her and my peer writer Michael Rhodes who started it all by providing us with this great title.

"Bring Your Friends"

[Diann’s take] I had been kicking around this line in my head, “kindness come find us,” for months. I played around with a melody but nothing seemed to work. I scheduled a trip to Nashville in May 2019 and Jeffrey East graciously agreed to write with me. I took a chance and feed him this line and idea for the song and off we went. Thank you Jeffery for all your mastery and magic with the song.


[Diann’s take] I had this title in my “ideas list” for some time. I was just looking for the right person to write with. Fortunately, the talented Carrie Cunningham, and I teamed up and wrote this fun song and she decided to record it as the first track of her new album she is releasing in 2021. It was the first time we wrote together, although we had met numerous times at different writing retreat events. Luckily we had the good fortune of having Clayton Jones sing this flirty duet with Carrie. I am so thrilled to be part of such a talented team!  These artist are amazing and worth checking out, see and

"Fix The Mess"

[Diann’s Take] It is interesting how we came up with the final title for this song. We had so many others and each one had draft verses and possible choruses. It felt like we would spin our wheels forever. During one of writing rounds I mentioned that all the drafts and piles of ideas probably needed to be scrapped and that we needed to start over to fix the mess.  Viola! The light bulb went on and we took it from there. Special shout-out to co-writer Clayton Jones for the great music and vocals that captures what we struggled so long to say.

"Love Like That"

[Diann’s Take] We lost a dear friend in 2016.  Her memorial service was one of the most beautiful and profound services I have ever attended. Hearing all the warm stories about her as a sister, a mother, a wife, and the great love she and her husband shared moved me very deeply.  I could not stop thinking about how lucky one would be to have a love like that.  We wrote this song for her and her family as a celebration to honor  her giving spirit and the love she shared with each of them.

"No One Knows"

[Diann’s Take] One day I looked over at Mitch who was sitting in the chair reading the newspaper. For some unknown reason I started to think back to the time when we first met. Previously, I had escaped from an abusive relationship and I never thought I would trust or love again. But then the stars aligned and Mitch came into my life. We have shared much during our life together, but only Mitch knows my whole story—he is the only one I trust with my heart. This song is dedicated to Mitch, who knows me like no other and who has, (and continues to) selflessly dedicate his love and understanding to me every day.

[Mitch’s Take] “No One Knows” is one of our most personal songs we have written. It was an intense process, one in which we had to dig deep in the emotional well to capture the vulnerability and the power of love and healing that was very real for us.  We both knew that the “truth” in the song is that moment that exists when we all are at our most vulnerable and also most trusting.

"Straight To Loving You"

[Mitch’s Take] Another song created at a Global Songwriter’s Connection (GSC) event in October 2018 with co-writers Jeffrey East and Brenna Beatty. Diann and I both attended this event, she was injured with a fractured foot and tendon tears and I was still recovering from a surgery. We barely made the plane ride but once we got there the “magic” by the lake house took over resulting in this incredible love song.


[Diann’s and Mitch’s take]

Never thought we would ever be writing a song like this.

"Tidal Wave"

[Diann’s Take] This one tugs at my heart. It was our anniversary and Mitch and I were talking about how we first met. He told me that he was so overwhelmed with a flood of feelings when he first saw me and that even years later he still feels the same way. I told him I remembered feeling like it was just like a tidal wave between us and the idea was born.

[Mitch’s Take] We wrote the lyrics to the chorus in about 30 minutes; they just flowed once Diann said it’s like a tidal wave of emotions. I remember we took about 20 minutes to just free-form describe all the images, feelings, etc. of a tidal wave. Once we finished, we had a rich two-pages of images to work with. At that point, it was easy to finish the chorus.


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