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Although we are virtually newcomers to song writing, we are amazed at the support and encouragement that is out there. Our mentor and friend, Sheree’ Spoltore’ once told us that by the time a song becomes a hit, over a thousand people have been involved in getting that song and artist to the charts. While we work on that next “chart buster”, we want to thank those who have already had an impact on us.

  • Special thanks to our adult children, Lea and Neil for their encouragement and nonjudgmental support. They have listened to all the various stages of our songs and revisions and have provided us good feedback and have urged us to put our music out there. Initially, we think they might have been a bit surprised by our announcement that we wanted to pursue songwriting, but they went with it. They continue to encourage us to pursue our dreams (nice role reversal).
  • Sheree’ Spoltore’ from Global Songwriters Connection (GSC). We cannot say enough about Sheree’ and her association. The opportunities that GSC offers to its members (song evaluation, career mentoring, bio support, just to name a few) is incredible. We are fortunate to have Sheree’ as our mentor. She is passionate about empowering us as songwriters. She shares her years of experience as a singer/songwriter and industry professional in Nashville and focuses on our goals as songwriters. We cannot thank her enough for all the hours she has spent with us providing us honest evaluations about our songs and teaching us how the music business works. We would still be at square one trying to figure out where to start if it had not been for GSC.
  • Clayton Jones (often a featured vocalist) who breathes life into our songs with his vocals and production skills. Clayton Jones is a solo Pop/R&B artist from Nashville. Visit his website.
  • All our wonderful co-writers who have come along on this journey with us.
  • Special thanks to all the session musicians in Nashville who helped create our demos.  We so appreciate your talent and hard work.


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