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Feeling You Everywhere

By: Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer Feat. Clayton Jones

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[Diann’s Take] If you know or live with a songwriter, than you are aware that they collect slips of papers, various notebooks with their scribbles and they save it all. We call these pearls of wisdom our song snippets. I make an attempt to type all of the snippets and save them on my computer because you never know when you might need one. On my more delusional days, I think how cool they would look when they’re put in the showcase of our museum, just like at the Johnny Cash museum or the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland. To make a long story short, we had been writing a different song and we were having quite a time with it. Something just wasn’t working—the story did not hang together, the hook wasn’t really there. So we went to the snippet well to see what we could find. In the well we found a great line from a partial song, “I’m feeling you everywhere” and it sent shivers up my spine. I said to Mitch, didn’t that ever happen to you after a breakup? It’s so crazy when that happens and from that snippet came “Feeling You Everywhere.”

[Mitch’s Take] I remember we were trying to create lyrics for a song about a guy wanting to get next to a girl he met at a bar (I know, a too predictable storyline, which is one reason we didn’t make any progress). When Diann found our snippet, “I’m feeling you everywhere” and connected this image to what happens after a breakup; the “lightbulbs” went on. We dropped any further work on the original song, and explored how we felt when a past lover invades your mind for that one-night moment in time.


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