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By: Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer, Clayton Jones Feat. Clayton Jones

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empty surf at the ocean beach

[Diann’s Take] When we first started this song we were at a place that we were working almost 24/7. As small business owners we were trying to be everything, do everything to grow our business. We were like ships passing in the night with little steam to make it to shore. Unbelievable as it sounds, this is the time we started to work on our songwriting (that was the fun part of being so busy). I remember seeing Mitch’s desk with post-it notes everywhere especially around the monitor and wondered how he was ever going to get all those things done. “Magic” reflects a time when there was little or no time for us. After numerous rewrites and suggestions by evaluators we were fortunate to team up with Clayton Jones as a co-writer for the final version and music.

[Mitch’s Take] This song, as Diann says, reflects the time when we “lived to work” instead of “worked to live.” Writing this song was both a catharsis for me and also a testament to the idea that we can do our songwriting AND the sky will not fall with our businesses. I particularly like the first two lines, “too many nights working double shifts”, “too much to do on a sticky note list.” I don’t know how many songs actually use the words “sticky note list”, but for me it’s kind of cool.


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