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Night Ride

By: Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer Feat. Clayton Jones

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Diane & Mitch Hammer DMH Music Songwriting

[Diann’s Take] I am a very early riser, up around 4:00-4:30 am each day. I often work on my songwriting and research at that time. One morning I was flipping between the music video stations and I noticed that on one station some of the song videos had cars in them and were filmed at night and on the other there were still cars driving around but it was daytime. It was just a lot of cars! Then the switch in my head flipped on and the title “Night Ride” came to mind. From there I thought about those times when going “parking” with your guy or girl was a thing you looked forward to. Mitch and I had a great time working up the story later that morning (during reasonable hours).

[Mitch’s Take] “Night Ride” captures those times in our lives when we meet someone and just want to spend all day (and night) getting to know that person. You don’t always know where this beginning relationship might go, but you trust your instincts and are willing to ride it out; kind of like taking a “Night Ride.”


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