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Song Of The Summer

By: Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer, Clayton Jones Feat. Clayton Jones

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beach at sunrise

[Diann’s Take] This song is in part, inspired by the Jimmie Fallon show. One of my favorite parts of his show are the artist he showcases each night. I have to admit, that thanks to Jimmie Fallon he keeps me abreast of new artist and top hits. It is clear he is a music lover as he is looking to discover his best “new jam.” During many of his summer shows he would talk about a song he thought was the best and wondered if it would be the song of the summer. That notion of the song of the summer stuck in my head.  I recalled fond memories from summers as a teenager where a certain song captured all the sun, fun and romance of the season. It was a song you played over and over that stuck in your head. Later when summer was over and the winter rolled in, if  you heard  your song of the summer it brought you back to that magical moment in time.

[Mitch’s Take] When Diann said to me, “how about this for a song title: Song of the Summer” I thought it was brilliant. We wrote down a number of story ideas, images, and some initial lyric lines about a person who is your “song of the summer.” The first verse begins with “flipping through the FM stations . . .” You can just see a guy driving and gamely searching the radio for the “perfect song” that connects to his summer love. I really like how it kicks off the whole song.


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