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Sunset View

By: Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer Feat. Clayton Jones

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Diane & Mitch Hammer DMH Music Songwriting

[Diann’s Take] Well what can I say? This one holds a special place. If you have heard it than you know that the chorus has my name in it (Lady Diann). We have a house by the beach and have enjoyed many magical sunsets together by the bay and in part, that is why Mitch thought of the title “Sunset View.” He really wanted to tell everyone about the beauty and the wonder of this special place, and like the true romantic that he is, let me know how much I am a part of it. What woman doesn’t want a boat named after her in a song written with her husband!

[Mitch’s Take] We decided to go to Fager’s Island (a great bar and restaurant) up in Ocean City, Maryland (where we have a beach house). Fager’s is well known for its absolutely perfect, bay-view sunsets. We were sitting on the deck, talking about how special and relaxing it is to watch the sun go down. Sunset is my favorite time, when the colors of the earth and sky are most vivid—when nature is telling all of us to take a minute and let this moment between light and dark fill us with hope and joy. And there is also nothing better than anchoring a boat and simply watching “as the day surrenders.”

One thought on “Sunset View

  1. I ‘am a radio junky since my Mother come home with records In 1955 .
    That began my love for all music ,my work was out doors. So from a pocket
    Radio to much later in my trade to A Big Box Boomer.
    I still lesson to the radio at 70 year old ,I really like the newer styles of the detection’s of song writers. Being with very repetitive hooks and a balance
    Of understandable lyrics I find the team of Diann & Mitch Hammer a blind of older sounds newer pleasantly mixing pop, country flavor. With a great singer
    I surely like this trio . They is a traditional but right VEB in their songs of music of today. Keeping my ears open for more likeable music from these new future’s Stars. Good luck,your newest fan, John B.


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