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Tidal Wave

2016 Grand Prize Winner, John Lennon Songwriting Contest
By: Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer Feat. Clayton Jones

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4 large palm trees on a foggy beach

[Diann’s Take] This one tugs at my heart. It was our anniversary and Mitch and I were talking about how we first met. He told me that he was so overwhelmed with a flood of feelings when he first saw me and that even years later he still feels the same way. I told him I remembered feeling like it was just like a tidal wave between us and the idea was born.

[Mitch’s Take] We wrote the lyrics to the chorus in about 30 minutes; they just flowed once Diann said it’s like a tidal wave of emotions. I remember we took about 20 minutes to just free-form describe all the images, feelings, etc. of a tidal wave. Once we finished, we had a rich two-pages of images to work with. At that point, it was easy to finish the chorus.

2 thoughts on “Tidal Wave

    • Thanks Mick. Just looking at our website and found your comment. So nice of you to take time out to let us know you and your friends enjoyed our music. For us that’s what it’s all about!


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