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What’s Your Story

By: Diann Hammer, Nancy Moser, Brian WhiteFeat. Matt Dame

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[Diann’s Take] In September 2016 I was invited to attend the GSC Focus Event along with other Global Songwriter Connection members.  At the event, participants have the opportunity to write a song each morning before lunch with a pro writer from Nashville. This song was created on the morning of the last day of the event with pro writer Brian White, who has over 300 cuts under his belt, Brian White has had numerous songs recorded by Christian artists as well as such artist as Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean, and the Thew Swon Brothers to name of few. I had been kicking around this title for some time and presented it to the group for consideration. I explained that the inspiration came from all the times that total strangers had shared many personal stories about their lives to me without my even asking. Some were very painful and others joyous. We bounced some ideas around and landed on writing about the struggle for sobriety and forgiveness. Special thanks to my peer writer Nancy Moser and pro writer Brian White for their willingness to embark on this emotional journey.


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