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No One Knows

By: Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer (Feat. Clayton Jones)

[Diann’s Take] One day I looked over at Mitch who was sitting in the chair reading the newspaper. For some unknown reason I started to think back to the time when we first met. Previously, I had escaped from an abusive relationship and I never thought I would trust or love again. But then the stars aligned and Mitch came into my life. We have shared much during our life together, but only Mitch knows my whole story—he is the only one I trust with my heart. This song is dedicated to Mitch, who knows me like no other and who has, (and continues to) selflessly dedicate his love and understanding to me every day.

[Mitch’s Take] “No One Knows” is one of our most personal songs we have written. It was an intense process, one in which we had to dig deep in the emotional well to capture the vulnerability and the power of love and healing that was very real for us.  We both knew that the “truth” in the song is that moment that exists when we all are at our most vulnerable and also most trusting.


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